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Very intersting, Are you saying that the 30ppb is a high number or a low number? I am not up on what or how exposure numbers rank. I would also be curious as to where the sample was from?? Might be valuable to caompare numbers from differnt areas and compare that to mortality numbers.
A 2011/2012 USDA/APHIS survey taken from about 170 different beekeepers (including a sampling of our own hives) showed 7.5% of hives tested positive for Imidacloprid at an average detection of 24ppb. 2.5% were positive for Thiamethoxam at an average of 11.9 ppb. I don't have totals for Clothianidin only results showing our hives were negative for all pesticides and miticides including Clothianidin. BTW 39% were positive for Coumaphos at 59 ppb avg., 46% positive for Fluvalinate at 37 ppb and 24% positive for DMPF (Amitraz) at a 78 ppb avg.