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    Question Bad comb pattern?

    I checked my hive the other day, and some of the new comb that they've made has a bad pattern. Varroa mites or is it something else?

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    Default Re: Bad comb pattern?

    A bad brood pattern can be caused by the comb not being properly drawn out in worker cells, if the cells are properly drawn but the bees have used them to store nectar or pollen not leaving ajoining cells for the queen to lay in.
    If the queen has been able to lay a tight pattern but any of the brood diseases are present causing the brood to die the pattern is "shotguned."
    If varroa is bad the brood will die causing the pattern to be "shotguned" and if the bees are uncapping the sealed brood to remove the pupa with varroa it is "shotguned."

    You have to look and see what the bees have done to know the cause. If the pupa that are being uncapped have eyes that are just starting to turn color it is varroa. If the pupa are almost adults but have died it is probably varroa. If the larvae are dead in the curled stage it is a brood disease, Euopean Foulbrood. If the brood has been capped, but the cappings have been removed and the dead larvae are laying out flat it is American Foulbrood or Sackbrood.

    You can search the web for Honey Bee diseases and find sites that have photos.

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    Default Re: Bad comb pattern?

    this time of year it can also be the queen slowing down or stopping... so look close.

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