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    Default Re: Will the queen move up?

    Quote Originally Posted by tommyt View Post
    Why don't you trap them out
    I'm surprised no one mentioned that

    They are simple and just about fool proof
    Now we're thinking of just doing a trap out on the log hive, and moving them into a hive body. Many of the bees died being trapped in there for a couple days, with the screen on. Don't know why. I gave them water, and they have comb. The idea originally was to keep the log hive intact, just get the queen into the weak Italian hive. Then the log hive would re-queen itself. In retrospect, I should have gone with my first inclination 10 days ago to just buy a queen and put it in the weak hive. With the frame of brood and eggs/larvae they have a chance.

    Will dead bees make the log hive inhabitable? I know they clean them out, but there might not be enough bees left to take care of all the business in the hive.
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