The barrel of bees we were supposed to get from the steel barrel did not work out. When our mentor moved the barrel the comb broke lose, and fell into the bottom of the barrel. There was water in the bottom of the barrel. All was lost. very tragic as there was perhaps 35 to 40# of comb and honey, and thousands of bees in there. So he gave us a hive log. This has plywood nailed to both top and bottom. per his instruction, I cut 1-3/4" holes into the top plywood, and the bottom board. I put a layer of newspaper between the log and the bottom board, then put my two deeps from the queen less hive onto that. The idea being that the bees will chew away the newspaper, and join colonies. Hopefully the queen will move up and make use of the many frames of comb, all cleaned and awaiting her eggs. There is wire mesh stapled onto the hole in the log that the bees used as an entrance. The log bees have a lot of comb, so probably have enough food. They'll probably need water though.
the bees on the outside of the screen I thought were bees escaping from the log. Instead they were bees who were from the other hive trying to get in. I guessed they smelled the queens pheromone, my mentor said more likely they wanted to rob out the log. When I moved the log up to the hives (200ft or so) bees from the queen less once again gathered on the screen.