The box pictured here had mucho bees on the secondary side of the screen, and I think I'll stuff it full of foam insulation or the like. Any suggestions about foam pipe insulation--just enough to use up the gap?
The second box with an identical feeder also has had numerous drownings, so it will certainly be checked straightway.

A question on another note about top feeders--since the second (not pictured) top feeder is atop a much smaller group of girls, syrup is left MUCH longer than the first hive's feeder. Days longer...
Should I rinse it, then check the gaps on it, and refill it soon--as in, before a week in 90 degree weather has elapsed? They consume much less syrup than hive #1...they might be robbers or what have ya, but I don't want to leave syrup there too long.
bee space.jpgmore bee space.jpg

I hope the pics the manage attachments link currently dead ends