Ive been nervous about my bees getting robbed since I made the mistake of setting a frame of honey for them to feed on outside of their hive. Im also using honey b healthy in their top feeder and ive heard that that can attract robbing. Last evening (at about 7pm. It gets dark around 8:30 here in Austin) I saw a lot of activity around the hive entrance. I don't usually go out to the hive in the evening so im not completely sure that this never happens but, typically, the hive is very calm with just a few bees buzzing around. This time there were dozens flying about with many at the entrance. I also noticed a large amount of activity on top of and below the screened bottom board. When I look at the video, I dont necessarily see bees struggling with one another but seeing this kind of activity at my hive is so out of the ordinary that I wanted to get some better educated opinions. Also, I went back out just 5 minutes after I took the video and the activity had mostly died down. What do you think, robbing, normal behavior or orientation flights?