I have exclusively made up my nucs with cells established on deep frames via the MDA splitter method or taking the ones with swarm cells - 2 frames of brood, a frame of honey and 2 more frames.
Tomorrow evening I am going to pick up 6 cells that someone had grafted, and in my quest for success I would like some advice.

Today I will set up 6 nucs as described above, and leave them queenless for 24hours, but I have three questions.

1) In my normal method there are never any eggs to interfere in the mating nucs from the hive of origin because the queen has been removed for long enough. When establishing nucs with cells do you worry about this and rogue queen cells , why or why not?

2) I had read that to aid in the bees accepting an unrelated cell it was useful to add some syrup to the nuc just before you add the cell, or at the same time. Do people do this routinely, or only in the off-season? Right now we are starting a flow and there will be plenty of nectar/honey in the nucs.

3) Any further tips?