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    Default anyone in wi have a queen to sell?

    my hive came out of winter very strong but the Queen was laying all over in little patchs and they started supercedure cells so I made a split 5/20, they made and capped 5 Queen cells one emerged and killed the others (hole in the side) but 37 days after the split ,no sign of a Queen
    the hive with the Queen,and the Queen cells did the same thing aQueen emerged and killed the others, but no sign of a queen there either
    so I'am thinking its time to add a Queen to each hive and if I could get one close I could drive and pick them up

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    Default Re: anyone in wi have a queen to sell?

    Its not really close to Rapids, but I have had 5 good queens from Honeybeeware in Hortonville (close to Appleton)


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