I've got 6 hives I'm going to be pulling honey off soon and have been asked to sell at the new Farmer's Market in town. Great, sounds good to me. Until they mentioned I needed product liability insurance and started calling around. Country Companies which is affiliated with the Farm Bureau wouldn't even quote it stating that they would also have to have liability insurance for the bees too which aren't on my property. We already insure our vehicles and have a renters insurance policy through them. I'm waiting on a couple other places to get back with me but one wanted to know how much experience I had extracting and bottling honey (practically none) and the agent I talked to said it would be in the $400-600 range. How HECK am I supposed to sell a relatively small amount of honey if I have to pay that much for insurance and still be competitive. What a buzzkill (pun intended)!

Who do you go through to get product liability insurance?