Hi everyone so this AM i was out watching the gals drinking my coffee enjoying a break in the weather and i saw 3 bee's rolling around on the landing board. I was concerned it was robbing so i moved in for a closer look, no other bee's but one which seemed stuck to the landing on its back. I removed them to take a closer look and it seemed they where stuck in some type of sticky stuff. I have not put anything on my hive or in the hive I tried to rub it off them because they where alive and i wanted to save them if i could. It was not coming off almost reminded me of rubber cement type stuff i used when in grade school. I could not save them any ideal has anyone seen that in there hive? I did not go into the hive as i didn't have time and i am trying to avoid bothering them until July 5th when i can finally see if they have a mated queen.