I have been watch fat man bee videos on you tube for the past few weeks, and am left wondering: how does he do it? How does he go without even wearing a veil, and not get the first sting? And he is not the only one, video after video of people going through hives wearing no gear. I just watched a video of a guy and girl wearing shorts and t shirts checking a top bar (nothing against top bars, I've got four myself), anyway, they walked up to the hive, put their hands on it and said, I kid you not, "hello bees, how are you today?" Then they checked the hive bees flying everywhere, and never got the first sting. So today, I thought I would try it, walked up and said hello to the bees, after taking off the cover, got two stings on the hand. Maybe I did it wrong. Are some people really just born with a gift for handling bees?