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    Default looking for lost swarms

    I have lost a few swarms this year. I have patches of woods all around me. Would it be worth my time to spend a day walking,and trying to locate a hive that has swarmed? Any helpful hints on hunting for these would be appreciated. Old oak trees, time of day, what to look for?

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    Default Re: looking for lost swarms

    around here, it's generally old soft maple trees

    look for where branches have broken off flush with the trunk

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    Default Re: looking for lost swarms

    The swarm staging area will often be close within 100 yards. Sometimes they pick the same tree limb year after year. The swarm's final destination will often be from 100 yards to a 1/4 mile away. Some can go several miles. Looking in the trees this time of the year with all the leaves will harder.

    It might be better to make swarm traps and place them different distances in different directions around your apiary.

    I made 5 frame nuc (D Coates plans in the DIY section on this site) Makes a very easy portable trap. It's like Christmas every time I catch a swarm.


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