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Thread: old timers

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    >>For as much as you can. More than you competitor is asking.
    >I'm fascinated by your answer. Must be some newfangled economic principle involved!

    Marketing is a funny thing. Asking less than your competitor usually results in the perception that your product is not as good as his. Asking too much more gives the perception that you're too proud of it. Asking a little more gives the perception that you have a superior product and you are confident of it. You often sell more by raising your price an appropriate amount.
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    People i sell honey to have no idea how much honey should cost..I charge much more than I think it's worth...but, I give them a taste and it's sold...and they hunt me down for ? I'm my own spokeperson dave thomas and frank perdue....except better looking...maybe. :-)

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    When I have a bunch of anything to sell, my pricing scheme is simple:

    I keep raising the price until about 20% of inquiries don't buy.

    If my product is flying out the door and no one passes b/c the price is too high, the price is [way] too low.

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    I really like the previous three Posts. Especially Beregondo's.
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