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    Default Old farmer wisdom about mesquite trees...

    Had an old farmer tell me that Texas will get an early winter...based on how the mesquite trees have behaved this spring summer. Mesquite pollen, nectar and bean pods have all been significantly late in development this year in the NE Texas area. He claims this indicates an early, and possibly cold winter.

    Any one else ever heard this.

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    Default Re: Old farmer wisdom about mesquite trees...

    "Old ranchers tale"

    Neither humans nor trees can predict what the future winter will bring.

    It doesn't make sense logically. If you knew the weather was going foul earlier than last year, why would you delay reproduction so your "settle in for winter" stage occurs later in the year?

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    Default Re: Old farmer wisdom about mesquite trees...

    Actually, there is some logic to it. The fact that everything was late this year indicates that spring got a late start (which was the case here and in SW PA this year). The spring was late due to climactic patterns that allow cooler arctic air to penetrate further south for a longer period of time. Based on this the logic would be that the pattern will continue and hasten the arrival of the same cold air earlier this fall and continuing through the coming winter. This summer has been rather cool as well except for the last week or so. I can tell you that if the current patterns continue we WILL have an early fall and possibly a bad winter--I'm factoring that into my fall gardening right now.

    That being said, I have noticed that, when these patterns shift, it is often in the fall or spring so what we actually get is still up in the air. However, I think that there is a high probability that we do get an early fall but a cold winter is harder to say. If patterns don't change it will be a cold winter.

    There is often more wisdom than one would think in these "tales" but it is often overlooked.


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