Today I found 3 or 4 cells, all separate from each other, that were drawn out more than the neighboring cells and were round but open. And at least a couple had a larvae at the bottom. They in normal positions on the frame. Not hanging from the bottom of the frame. So queen cups or uncapped drone cells?

This is in a hive that is struggling. It's in week 5 of a package install. I have not seen the queen in 2 weeks. They stopped taking syrup after 2 weeks. It's has pretty sparse brood patterns but today I was surprised to see one side of one frame almost entirely covered in capped brood. Edge to edge! There is also some open brood with varying stage larvae. Over all not good except for the one frame. They have done better in the last week drawing comb but still no where near my other hive that is doing much better.

Could they be preparing to supersede?

Thanks for any ideas.