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    Default Howdy from East Texas!

    Howdy from East Texas!!!

    I'm dan and I'm not even a newbee yet. I am presently employed as a registered nurse in a burn unit but will retire in a couple of months and want to try my hand at beekeeping. I helped a friend a little with some bees years ago, and I have been researching beekeeping on the internet over the past couple of weeks and will be working with a beekeeper in my hometown for several hours any day now. I have ordered a hive and extra boxes, a smoker, a veil, and a couple of tools. It's too late in the season to get bees from most sources I've checked, but I'm gonna keep trying anyway. We have mild winters here and if I can get bees in the next couple of weeks I am confident I can "feed 'em up" enough through the remainder of the season as well as the winter we have here if I have to. 25# of sugar is about a dollar a pound at Sam's and I'm eager enough to feed 'em well.

    Thanks to all you vets that have contributed so much good, needed information on this forum. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute something useful in the future as well.


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    Default Re: Howdy from East Texas!

    Hey dandeman, congratulations on deciding to become a beekeeper and good luck.

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    Welcome Dan!


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