A little over two weeks ago, I made a 5 frame queenless nuc. I replaced the middle frame with a frame of eggs (eggs so young they were standing on end) from a hive whose genetics I liked. I let them draw out queen cells. They drew over 20.

I marked my dates on the calendar. When the queen cells were ripe (only hours to a day until hatching) I made splits. I made 4 two frame splits with stores and brood and plenty of bees. Then, I put two queen cells apiece into the nucs.

I struggled to get enough bees in one of the nucs. Eventually, I had to break it down. That left three. Today (over two weeks later) I went into the remaining three. No eggs. No larva. No queens.

These three nucs have failed while the original queenless hive from which the cells were harvested had eggs as early as last week.

What went wrong?