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    Default NUCS and heat, will they make it and what measures should be taken?

    Going to do some splits this Friday with some purchased mated queens and will be splitting a few into 10 frame deeps and a few into 5 frame deep nucs. Temps are suppose to reach into the 100's..........bee yard is in direct sun with plenty of water within yards of the hives. I am sure the 10 frame deeps with a 5 inch bottom entrance and a 2 1/2" top entrance will be fine..............but how about the nucs? They are home made cedar nucs with a small 2" entrance and two 3/4" screened ventilation holes drilled on the opposite end and located about 1 1/2" down from the top.

    There is no way of putting them in the shade, could I "double top" them? As in I currently have migratory style covers and could place a sheet of plywood on top of those to help with direct sunlight.

    Just curious on what your opinions are on this.
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    Default Re: NUCS and heat, will they make it and what measures should be taken?

    Your boxes setup sounds fine, but It is forecast to be well above 100 degrees. Splits are not as stable as there is some confusion, and field bees returning to their original hive position that they came from. Queens won't start laying in that kind of heat. Even with strength of numbers, they won't have strength of organisation and 'oneness' yet.

    I think you should consider waiting until later next week when the temps will be a little lower. If you can not put off delivery of the queens, then store them on top of a bookshelf in a dark room or in a closet, giving them drops of water and a drop of honey each day of storage.

    It may be that I'm wrong in my thinking and they will do fine. What ever you choose to do, best of luck to you.

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    Default Re: NUCS and heat, will they make it and what measures should be taken?

    My nucs are 5 frame mediums with a 1" round entrance. I use #8 hardware cloth on the bottom and they do great in the Texas heat.


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