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    Who sells the bst honey producing queens? Not having much luck with the ones I have been getting here in Georgia.

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    Maybe if we find out who's queens did NOT work for you, we may be able to suggest ones that will. What are your priorities besides making honey? Mite resistance, etc...?

    Crazy Roland

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    Cool Re: Queens

    I buy all my queens out of Georgia. My 7 year avg is 133 lbs. I'm looking for queen that can do me 200+ now.:roll eyes:

    Who have you been buying your queens off of????

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    I got some Georgia queens that ARE going to do me 200 lb. + this year, of course that's not an average I'm talking about, just a few boomers out of the bunch.

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    From a commercial point of view, I would raise my own if I lived as far south as you do. JMGI hit on part of it maybe it is not the queens maybe it is your beekeeping or the locations you are in. If you need 500+ queens a year you have to go with mass producers and sometimes it is hit and miss.

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    With the good weather were getting in Michigan this year 200lbs. is well within reach of my Georgian Italian queens.


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