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    Default Using drone frames for mite control-questions

    First year beekeeper here, I had questions about trapping mites with drone frames. I have a ten-frame hive and am about to add another chamber. Should I add one or two drone frames? Should I place them in the upper or lower? Should they be placed on each end? Any more tips would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Using drone frames for mite control-questions

    Yes, you can use two drone frames. It is easier to remove and replace them if they are in the top box, but they probably are more effective if there is one in each box of brood. Put the comb in the third or fourth position from the outside, and they should be touching the actual brood nest, or better yet, have combs of brood on both sides. If the combs are outside of the actual brood area the bees will fill the drone cells with nectar.

    The first brood cycle in the spring is the most important to remove for the best varroa control with drone brood removal. If you can get the first cycle of mites in the drone brood it really slows the mite growth in the colony. Do a search on varroa control with drone brood removal by John Calderone(?). Be warned, don't forget to remove and freeze the frames on a regular schedule, if you miss you increase the mites.

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