I have been working for a large scale beekeeping company who at peak has 11000 hives for 5 yrs. 3yrs as a fieldcompany manager Job responsibilities included:

General hive maintenance and hive preparation for spring splits for 2500 hives.

Splitting and placement of said and hives splits

Some queen rearing but not much. I was more of a field manager.

Placement and maintence of 2500 hives used solely for honey

Not much extracting experience but that's not hard to catch on to

Fall wood work. Building, repairing and painting of lids, pallets, and hivebodies

Im looking for an opportunity to further my knowledge and experience and help make someones company run a little better and smoother. Im a hard worker and i learn fast.
Not sure what else to say so if anyone is interested in hiring me just message me.