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    Default Queen behavior and how bees respond to them.

    Is there general guidelines on how to tell if a queen is mated or not besides the presence of eggs ? I have a hive that has had 3 queens running around in it since its last swarm. 2 of the queens hang out on the underside of the top bars and one of them is on the comb but there are no eggs yet. I caught her today (the one on comb) because I was going to requeen the hive and the bees were all over the queen cage, and acting mad. (like they would normally be, with an established laying queen) The other 2 queens I took out a few days ago got no attention whatsoever. I even took them to another hive just to see their reaction.

    Does the presence of attendant bees necessarily mean the queen is mated ? I ask this because most of the virgin queens ive seen in hives didnt get much attention from workers. So I was curious if this is a semi reliable way to tell if a newly hatched queen is mated when you cant find eggs but aren't ready to give up yet.
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