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    Default Full Job Description for Hawaii Beekeeper Position

    The Rare Hawaiian Honey Company is looking for an experienced beekeeper to run field operations. The job is on the Island of Hawaii (Big Island), running a very small number of hives compared to what most commercial beeks are typically manage. We specialize in making a very rare, organic honey from the nectar of Kiawe trees. We keep our bees in a Kiawe forest for most of the year, but move the bees into higher elevation ohia forests when Kiawe is not blooming. So most of the work is on the dry side of the island. Nearby tows to live are Waimea, Waikoloa Village and Honokaa.

    We currently have about 150 hives and hope to get up to 300-400 by the end of next year. We are looking for someone with the following experience:

    management of varroa mites and small hive beetle
    splitting hives
    grafting queen cells
    routine hive monitoring (mite counts, honey and queen record keeping, etc.)
    honey harvesting
    skid steer operation
    comfortable pulling trailer and driving F550
    assembly and maintenance of beekeeping equipment
    handy with tools and power equipment

    open mind regarding participation in scientific studies for the betterment of bees
    most of all...the ability to be a team player and get along well with others!

    Salary is very competitive and commensurate with experience. Health and vacation benefits are included. This is a very special opportunity for the right person. We are in the midst of replacing all of our old, tired equipment with new state-of-the-art equipment. If you're interested please send me a resume, salary history and date you would be available to begin work.

    Michael (ml.domeier at

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    Default Re: Full Job Description for Hawaii Beekeeper Position

    Robert davis 5 yrs exp


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