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    Default looking for jobs around San Diego, CA.

    Hi Beekeepers! I'm a young experienced New Zealand beekeeper looking for work and experience in the San Diego county area. Can you please message me if you have any pollination/honey/queen rearing jobs or know of anyone who does. Thanks a lot everyone!

    Some more details:

    My name is Alex Howitt, I am a fit, strong, 24 year old male from New Zealand. I am looking for work within the global apicultural industry; ideally hands on beekeeping work to further my industry experience, skills and knowledge.

    I have worked for four seasons beekeeping in New Zealand. Two years with Steens Honey in Masterton and most recently two years with Ross Apiaries in Tauranga. Working for both companies, I've learnt a range of different techniques and methods and have had the opportunity to work alongside knowledgeable beekeepers with over 30 years of experience. I have also recently completed one year of study with Telford - a division of Lincoln University. The Telford Certificate of Apiculture knowledge has given me a foundation in technical theory and an extensive insight into the industry that is now my passion.

    I can confidently undertake any given task, work unsupervised and I have experience managing staff. I have a heavy truck licence with over 4 years experience driving trucks laden with hives over rough New Zealand farmland. I also have experience in vehicle recovery, including various towing and winching techniques.

    I have experience travelling over the last few years, having lived in South East Asia and worked in the mining industry in Western Australia. I plan on working away from New Zealand for five seasons/years before returning to start my own beekeeping company in New Zealand.

    I am interested in furthering my skills and experience and I am hoping that by working overseas, I can expose myself to new beekeeping challenges and methods. I believe that there are excellent opportunities for me to learn from different beekeeping operations around the world and share my experiences of beekeeping in New Zealand.

    Please contact me if you have any positions available or if you require any further information. I am currently still employed by Ross Apiaries, although our busy period has come to an end. I will be available from June 2013.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Alex Howitt.

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    Default Re: looking for jobs around San Diego, CA.

    I sent you a private message.

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