Hello all.

I'm trying to create some splits and am wondering about a few things about making nucs or splits -

Does it matter if I combine nurse bees from different hives into the new nuc whenever I move frames? Not having but 3 hives, I have to sometimes combine frames from different hives to create my nucs and wonder how much it actually matters, to the bees - if they were from the same 'clan/hive' or not? They quickly realize they are queenless and start spending their time doing other things - but wonder if this process creates more stress for the bees or not. I've always smoked them well before combing and have tried to remove most of the nurse bees whenever I add new capped brood.

To increase my population of nurse bees, I've heard it's a good thing to add a frame of brood for a few weeks until the new queen starts laying on her own. Does it matter if I remove the nurse bees whenever I move brood over? I'm letting the nucs build their own queens and know there's a 30+day interval here that I need to keep 'cycling' in new bees and brood.

thanks for any suggestions. Here's a picture of a good cluster I saw last night on a split I did 7 days ago ..