Not sure if this should go here or the commercial forum so here goes. I currently have 7 hives and am working to grow to 20-25 production hives over the next couple of years. I am treatment free and working to convert to small cell and foundationless mix in all mediums. My question is what are your opinions on the idea for a sideline business?

I would like to sell my honey and produce 20-40 overwintered nucs with locally raised queens from my stock annually (a combination of Russian Carniolan and whatever drones are also in the area). These would be northern local bees and have survived at least one winter. The nucs would be available either in a standard wooden nuc box or as a single deep with 5 empty frames added. Do you think there is sufficient demand for non-treated nucs in CT/New England area to make a small profit off of this. I also make my own wooden ware and have a very cheap source of wood so equipment is not a large expense for me.

The plan is to start nuc sales in about 4-5 years. This would let me concentrate on my process, honey production and getting solid established stock prior to starting sales.

Thanks for any feedback