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    From what I'm reading here you want 8 mesh hardware cloth. I was able to find small rolls at True Value. I purchased a roll of 6 mesh from Argus Steel. This is galvanized steel .035 size wire, pretty stiff material. I use it for my SHB bottom board traps. The consistency of the weave leaves something to be desired. I have also found that the size of the adult beetles vary. I think gender is the reason. I have found aluminum 6 mesh here
    My next purchase will be the aluminum. It looks very similar to the screen available from Green Bee.

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    Default Re: Expensive bottom board screens!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rader Sidetrack View Post
    > Go to Lowe's and buy #8 Hardwar cloth

    If the Lowes in your area stock #8 hardware cloth, count yourself among the fortunate few. Many Lowes stores do not offer this item. Anyone have a link to this item at a Lowes store?

    Some Ace Hardware stores do stock #8 hardware cloth, but it seems to be a local option. The Ace near me does not carry it.
    They call it screen wire. They sell it to cover gutters and such. I got an50 ft roll. Was reasonably cheap. Cant remember cosrt

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