I have 3 new first year hives and they are doing great 2 deeps on all 3 as the summer has gone along the rule of thumb was and honey supers to them and let them work over the frames maybe get some honey. Well did just that evey week would go out and take a look and they are working them over good building comb etc: But yesterday when checking found nothing but fully cap brood and some honey in the honey supers aleast 20 frames in each of the 3 new hives. Just wanting a idea on where to go and can you go into winter having to many bees? So to me this is like having 3 deeps on all 3 new hives. They are storing up winter stores in the middle deep also getting ready for the golden rod around here.

Should the honey supers be left on with all this brood and heavy feed them untill winter close up?

What could have been done different other than adding honey supers?

Would take any ideas or criticism

Thanks for looking