Installed 2 packages May 17th. Hive 1 is doing great. By June 4th, I was fairly sure that Hive #2 was queenless. She must have died shortly after release because she never laid any eggs. There were no signs of laying workers either at that time. Twice, while inspecting, I thought I saw a queen as she had a very pale, slighlty long back-half but it was definitely not the original queen that was in the cage with the package as she was rather large.
I ordered a new queen the following day.
She didn't arrive until last Friday (June 14th) and when I went to put her cage in the hive, I saw many drone cells on the little bit of comb that they have drawn. There was also sproadic larvae showing here & there. I put the queen cage in the bottom of the hive anyway (I suspect they will kill her right away?). Tonight, they will have had 4 days to release her or kill her. If I find that they have killed her, what is my next step?
Should I steal a comb of brood from the good hive? I didn't do this originally because they had only just started laying brood. They still only have a few combs of brood.
I have read about "shake-outs" but how do I go about it with a tbh? Just brush them all out in front of the other hive? Will the other hive be likely to accept them? Any advice is appreciated. I have read Michael Bush's page on laying workers but I still have so many questions.