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    Default Cleaning swarm traps after infestations

    One of my swarm traps had lots of roaches in it. It's pretty nasty. Another had ants. But doesn't seem that dirty. How clean do they need to be to keep the honey sanitary?Should I use bleach or just hose them off or something in between? The traps are ten frame mediums. I think I have one swarm. If that trap had roaches will the bees clean it up theirselves?

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    Default Re: Cleaning swarm traps after infestations

    The bees will clean them out when they move in. I have never noticed the bees caring about the roaches in the traps, they just run the roaches off. An ant infestation will make the bees pass up a trap. I usually brush out as many ants as I can then leave the trap open as far from the spot as possible over night so the remaining ants leave. I then put the trap back up but try and block any avenue into the trap the ants have with tanglefoot. The bees don't seem to care about the tanglefoot but the ants don't like it at all.


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