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Thread: SHB .... Again

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    Default SHB .... Again

    I just had my first experience with SHB in a weak hive I was trying to save. I've searched the archives but can't find anything on how to salvage damaged frames (with plastic core foundation.) Can I be reassured that freezing will kill all beetles, larvae, and eggs? And then how do you get rid of the slimy mess? It doesn't seem to scrape off very cleanly. Will a garden hose spray do it?

    Will coumophos under cardboard work on screened bottom boards? Or would that be pointless if West traps were used? Is it over-kill to use West traps on bottom and also Beetle Blaster-type above?

    I know I never want to find that kind of slimy mess again! In past I have often stored supers for a week or two awaiting enough for an extraction run. I shudder to think what would happen if those b******s got in them.
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    I have ever has a colony slimed, but I have talked with other beekeepers that have. They say freezing followed by washing with a garden hose will help clean the comb. They recommended putting the washed comb is a strong colony for the final cleaning. Their definition of a strong colony is a colony in which, no matter the size of the box, the adult bees cover all the frames.

    The traps work, but the best defense is a very strong colony. I was also told not to remove supers for extraction several days before, wait until you are ready for them, extract and put back on a strong colony for cleaning. It only takes 1.5 to 3 days for beetle eggs to hatch so you need hygienic bees.

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    Default Re: SHB .... Again

    I just lost two colonies to SHBs -- put an oil trap under the screen on my remaining hive and will put one under my brother's soon. From now on they all get oil traps, every hive.

    I've left the infested comb out for the birds to clean out and the rain to wash off, will freeze them and use them in future hives.

    Very annoying, I'd made a split badly and the main hive was just getting up and going again with a new queen, and I think they and the split both absconded.

    Won't happen again.

    Hopefully all those larvae were too young to pupate and the ants will eat them all.



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