GEDC0034.jpgGEDC0035.jpgGEDC0036.jpgHi everyone, I kept bee's when I was younger (20 yrs ago). My next door neighbor whom I also work with, told me about a swarm that had gotten into his motorhome through the electrical plate. this is my first trap out and it is with new equipment. No drawn combs at all just brand spanking new plasticell. I figure about 3 weeks total for this. Week 1 will be getting the ladies to get used to their new entrance and start drawing comb, week 2 hoping the queen will move in and week 3 closing it up for its new home and removing the old comb out of the motorhome.

Btw; you can smell the honey from 10 ft. away and the surrounding plants are covered with it.

Any thoughts, suggestions, or concerns I would be happy to hear.