PatBeek.... If it works for you, don't change it. I had just always put the catch box much closer, and honestly, I never tried placing the catch box that far away, from the end of the screen cone funnel. I had always placed the end of the funnel right against the opening of the catch box.

oddfrank is one of my idols, and to a degree he is correct. In the early stages of the screen cone funnel method what you get is field worker bees, however, the longer the trap stays, you begin to get other bees as they exit for cleansing flights. rest, etc.

when I developed the so called Hogan Trapout Method, I had people tell me that all I would get is worker bees on their way to the fields, but, hundreds of trapouts later, by hundreds of beekeepers, we now know that isn't true. I rarely use the screen cone funnel method any more because I want the correct mix of bees to take a 3 to 6 pound start, very quickly (24 to 36 hours) and the screen cone method doesn't get that until late in the trapping sequence. Even then you are not sure of the mix that you have.