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    Default Bees caught under screen bottom board

    I just got a great swarm, easily 3lbs of bees. Most went into the hive, some fell outside of either side but they're all quickly making their way inside. I think that some in the back are crawling into the slit that the bottom board goes into, and I'm pretty sure they won't know that they need to go back out and up the side of the hive body. It was my fault for not having the board in there already to cut it off. I need to go pick up this hive tonight to bring it home. Are there any suggestions on how to either get any bees off the hive or secure it somehow so I can transport it? I don't have a truck so the girls will be in the back of the car, that's why I don't want any bees getting loose.

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    Default Re: Bees caught under screen bottom board

    Put the box on another board for a day and then transport it the next morning...?
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    Default Re: Bees caught under screen bottom board

    They will likely have figured it out by the time you get back after dark. They will not be trying to sting you, they will just be trying to stay with their queen. Drive home in a veil...wouldn't be my first time! If it's not a long transport, they will do fine in the trunk for a bit. How long is the relocation?


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