Just finished checking out a nuc in my backyard that had a bunch of scouts around it. I wasn't too impressed as I had seen that before. I went in the house to post a video of the scouts to show my Cousin. While the video was uploading on YouTube I go out to check a Top Bar in the backyard. Bees doing the typical afternoon orientation flights. Go back in the house and wife asks about the scouts. I told her that the scouting had calmed down (only saw a single bee on the way back in) but the boys and girls were orienting, which we like to watch. She goes to the window and screams "OH MY GOD! LOOK OUT THE WINDOW!" Tons and tons of bees moving into the nuc. Checked my other hive in the yard, but there were not coming from that box. Anyway we got to sit in the middle of a swarm with my wife and daughter. It was very, very cool! Cant wait to open her up in a few days to see how big it is. It seemed huge! So glad the moved into the TBH Nuc and not the lang that was sitting empty right next to it. Funny, as the nuc was empty, but the Lang had a single frame of comb in it.

Swarm moving into a Nuc