awhile back I opened my hive and found cross comb. I tried to straighten it, but it was full of honey and collapsed into the bottom of the hive. I then in desperation crushed it and kept the "honey" to feed back to the bees. I fed the honey back and put back some frames with attached comb. I looked today after about a week and a half and found a frame I left in the hive, that was full of honey at the time of my first straightening fiasco, robbed out. The put back frames had no honey in them either and though they reattached them, very little else has been done there either.

What I expected to find was no honey in the feeder and my put back comb drawn out and filled with the honey I re-fed them.

They have taken back about a pint of the honey (1/2 of the jar). I moved it into the hive and put the follower board after the feeder in hopes they will take it up faster.

Did I lose a swarm? Did they just need the honey to maintain? I hope I am going to get them through the winter.

They were doing so well before I caused the cave in. I crushed and strained about 2 quarts.