This is my second season with bees. I had one hive last year that was very healthy. I reversed earlier this spring and split it about three weeks ago. Everything was looking great. I haven't been up to open my hives in two weeks because I had to leave town, but two weeks ago they both had plenty of space. I was up poking about in the bee yard earlier this morning and nothing seemed unusual.

So, just now I was standing by the huge picture window in my kitchen when I heard a buzzing sound....looked out and there were a few thousand bees cruising by. They flew across the yard, across the street and into the woods...wanted to chase them, but I've got two young children and a high-speed beeline is pretty out of the question at the moment. There is a pond across the street, so is there a good chance they are over there between the woods and the pond? I am assuming I've had a swarm....suggestions on how to find them?