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    Cool VSH Ohio Queens

    These queens are daughters of overwintered 2012 VSH Dark Breeders from Glenn Apiaries. The breeder queens overwintered in double stacked nucs this past winter and did an excellent job in our Ohio winter. These queens are open mated in my mating yards where I flood the area with overwintered colonies from proven lines. There are NO package queens in my operation, I run a sustainable apiary with my own stock and stock from other proven VSH and Northern queen rearers. Queens are $20 each marked. Express shipping is $20. I will ship priority at the buyers request and risk. All queens will be sent "hold for pickup" at the post office unless other wise specified to insure their safety during shipment. Any questions feel free to contact me. These queens will be offered for 2 to 4 more weeks this year and then I will be switching over to stock from VP Queens.

    Dan Williams
    Williams Honey Bees
    Frankfort, Ohio (best way to contact me)
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    Still have 20 queens for June 18th shipment.

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    18th is booked. I'm still taking orders for the 25th and beyond.

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    Kudos to Dan. While waiting for my queens to arrive there was a shipping problem. They went from Ohio to Texas to Detroit. 6 days total in transit. Dan maintained communications with me and was willing to replace if needed. The queens arrived, alive and in good condition despite one cage failing. Not Dan's fault as I see it the envelope was crushed and one of the caps popped open, I caught the queen running around inside the envelope fed and water a drop each asap and installed them in nuc's a while later. I will order from Dan again should the need arise.

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    Great looking Queens and super fast 24hr shipping! Very happy with communication and service.
    Thanks Dan!

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    Sold Out Re: VSH Ohio Queens

    All queens out of these breeders are sold out. All the queens from July 2 on will be out of VP Spartan stock. Admin you can mark this thread as sold out. Thanks for the positive feedback guys I appreciate it!

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    I too purchased queens from Dan, and was very pleased with his service (received queens the next day after he shipped.) Unfortunately, 2 of the 3 hives didn't like them and killed them through the push-in cages I was installing them with, but the 3rd is looking good!
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