I was contacted by a beekeeper in California after he saw my craigs list add for bee removals. He wanted to know how the swarm situation was here in Reno. He said that he has seen very few swarms this year.

In addition he said that he as well as others in his area have had bees emerging with nubby wings and white abdomens and that they are being cast out of the hive.

I thought I woudl post this info here in case anyone knows what this is.

I suggested DWV for the wings and he replied that his mite load is very low. Made me wonder if whatever is harming his bees is also harming the mites. Could be he does not see a lot of mites becasue they are in brood cells also.

What I have never heard mentioned before was the symptom of white abdomens.

I will forward anything anyone has to suggest.