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A couple reasons:

1) Gaucho has been used at a seed treatment on thousands of square miles worth of sunflowers here in the USA for many years without causing serious bee health problems.
BigDawg's link provides balanced "story" with data analysis of honey production in France before and during Gaucho introduction. It has graphs and other materials illustrating the situation. It is very balanced presentation. From another hand, you stated that bees are doing great in US with Gaucho. You use it as an argument, but it is not. You need to provide DATA illustrating your statement. Ideally, it should be in similar format as document provided by BigDawg's. The whole country were involved and you dismiss all their hard work in a moment. Not nice and disrespectful to others hard work.

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2) BigDawg's link did not tell the whole story about the situation in France. This link does: http://www.fact-index.com/g/ga/gauch...ecticide_.html
It states the same as BigDawg's document - I had read it carefully.