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    Default Queen laying question

    Hi there:

    I installed my hive on May 4th, and everything seems to be going fine. They are on 8 frame mediums, foundationless. So far, they have filled two boxes and I'm adding a third today. Right now the queen is laying only in the second box- my question is, at what point does she move back to the first box? I pulled one frame to check on them and there are some bees hatching, some stores, and quite a few empty cells from which the bees have already hatched. Do I need to do anything to coax her back down there or will she just do her thing? I ask because I'm adding the third box today as both boxes are full.

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    She'll move down when the bees store enough honey above her to gradually force her down.

    My suggestion would be to reverse the bottom 2 boxes, then put the 3rd box on top.
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