On Thursday evening, June 27, 2013, come learn about getting honey out of your combs.

We will have taken some honey off and will be ready to extract. Learn about choosing combs to extract, dealing with brood, avoiding Small Hive Beetles, using uncapping knives, planes, and the Maxant chain uncapper. Watch and use the Hobbyist extractor, the Maxant 2 frame and 6/9 frame and 20 frame motorized extractors. See the bottling process.

Registration is required. If the class fills, we will offer it again.

To register, call us at 800-632-3379 or go to the web:


The class will start at 6:30pm to give us enough time to get everything done. It will be in the honey house, not the classroom!

Any questions, call or write:

Chris Cripps