A few weeks ago my friend in Wisconsin wrote to me asking how to set up a bee house--not one where she is putting in frames or opening once bees move in. She wants them for her garden only. It sounds like the size of a squirrel box and she drilled an opening of 1 1/2 inch. She got lemongrass oil and applied as I instructed, plus I sent her a sheet that was used as a filter for dark comb in my solar wax melter. She put a couple drops on it and put that in the bottom of the box before sealing it up, then a few drops around outer box and at entrance.

Do you think that filter sheet will work as well as comb? Has all the same ingredients, clean wax around the edge and dark wax, propolis at center, about 5x5".

They have been having an on and off cool spring and I don't know their swarm times, but she wrote today and said that either a bee or a wasp was checking out the box. Of course I wanted to know, bee or wasp, what was it????