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    Default Looking for beekeepers around Portland, OR that want my cutouts

    I'm getting busy this season changing pace from my less interesting construction business to more fulfilling ventures of honey bee cut-outs and repairs. I am in desperate need of finding beekeepers in the Portland area and 1 hour radius that would be interested in the bees and brood comb. I am looking for people that will be willing to supply me BEFORE THE JOB with their 10 frame deep, frames (and perhaps lid and floor depending on the situation), and be willing to come pick up the box when the job is done. Logistics or pickup can vary of course depending on the job and customer's wishes. I just don't want to spend half of my days calling around trying to find boxes and beekeepers. Often, I get calls that want them removed ASAP so my hope is that I can get a boxes and a local beekeeper ASAP as well. If you are interested please send me a PM or email and let me know your best times available, your geographic range, how many cutouts you can take, and your contact info.


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    Default Re: Looking for beekeepers around Portland, OR that want my cutouts

    Wil, if your a facebook member find the Portland Urban Beekeepers association, If you posted this there you would have a BUNCH of applicants.
    I wish I could, But I am full on bees at the moment, low money for more hive boxes. I will save your name and hit you up when I need BEES!


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