6 week hive check on a first season hive. Found 6 queen cells on the bottom of frames in the brood nest today. Several had "stuff" inside of them and a couple were open. I shaved off the closed ones out of fear of them swarming. I don't know why they would. They have an entire 4th super that they haven't done any work on yet. I also found 4 supersedure cells on the tops of frames. I left them alone, in fear that the bees know something I don't about their queen. I did not find the queen, but did spot eggs and larva in various stages of development. I still have a lot of capped brood and they are filling in their honey stores. The hive seems to be doing well, just not sure how to treat the queen cells. I am running all 8 frame mediums. The first 2 have been filled with brood and honey on the outside. The 3rd, they are filling entirely with honey. The 4th was added last week and they haven't touched it yet. I am really worried about them swarming and weakening their hive so early in the game. Your opinion, advice and experience are very much appreciated!!! Thanks in advance

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