I did a cut out yesterday and by the time I got home, I had a disaster with comb melting and bees drowning in honey. There wasnt that many bee to begin with, but now theres not many at all. I found the queen later in the evening and she looks like shes in pristine condition. I dont know how she made it....but now I have a few hundred or a thousand bees and no comb worth using and dont know what to do. Ive got the bees in a nuc with the queen in a queen cage. Theres not even enough bees to cover a few frames, I dont think.

So how do I go about this ? Im guessing my priority is to try and save the queen right ? And give her something to lay in or climb on ? I have 5 other hives and 2 are recent swarm catches (past 2 weeks) and both have queens as well as my 3 other existing hives. Ideas anyone ?