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    Default combining bees obtained from two different trap-outs

    I'm a second-year beek looking at doing my second trap-out using the Hogan method.

    I just finished successfully trapping four starts from a feral hive located in an ash tree, and just today I received an inquiry from someone who would like bees removed from a tree on their property.

    I'd like to do this second trap out, but the thing is that I don't have any additional hive equipment that I could use to hive the bees that are collected from the new trap (and I'm not up for spending several hundred dollars to purchase the hive materials plus queens that would be necessary to establish brand new hives).

    So I'm wondering if I can take the bees from this new trap and use them to fortify the four new colonies that were established from starts taken from the first trap.

    If I did this, would I need to use the newspaper method when introducing the new bees to a hive?


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    Default Re: combining bees obtained from two different trap-outs

    Yes, you can join the bees.

    The newspaper method works, but, I like the double screen method better, if you have one. If not, then use the newspaper.



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