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    Default Should i remove a hive box?

    Going in to check on my bees soon and I have 4 boxes on. The bottom box is empty but a good number of bees hang out there. Should I remove it to keep the hive more buttoned up for winter? The top 3 boxes have comb and the 3rd one they are just now filling with honey.

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    Default Re: Should i remove a hive box?

    "Should i remove a hive box?"
    I would.

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    Default Re: Should i remove a hive box?

    Allow your bees to push your queen DOWN into the lower box by filling the uppers full of Honey. Once you get to the point that they are no longer bringing home honey as in Right before Winter, the bees should be down into the lower box, if not make sure you have plenty of honey above them and then remove the lower box. Bees need plenty of space to cure honey, normally about twice as much as what they honey finally is dried down to. They are probably using that are right now for short term storage. Wait till just before you button them up for winter to decide if you want to remove that extra space or if it actually is extra..
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    good post drlonzo


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