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I got a this Sterilite storage container at Walmart, first link above.

I got 2 dish drainers like the second link above at walmart.

I cut up the dish drainers so that one fits on bottom of the tote. I made it so that the dish slots, when bent, hold frames upside down between the dish slots. I cut up the second drainer to fit on top, keeping the frames straight up and down as they sit upside down.

I got a honey gate from Mannlake, the third link above. I mounted it at the bottom of a short side of the tote.

I put in 5 medium Langstroth frames, upside down, and placed it in the sun (make sure it's not too hot). This setup holds 6 frames, I only had 5 that were capped (I used a cappings scratcher to lift up the cappings on the frames).

I got a gallon plus a pint of honey from this setup. If I had extracted, I would only have gotten 1 pint more. I think this is great for a small number of frames to extract without having to mess up my 4 frame tangent extractor, and clean up is easy. I got my honey, the combs were not destroyed and were put back on the hives wet. This worked great for me and I'll be using it more when I only have a few frames to extract at a time.

I think this would work much better than a meat grinder!
I can't picture this, so how about a picture with a frame sitting in. I know it's a lot of trouble, but it sure would help.