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    Default Bees standing on the hive window

    Another new bee-havior has happened for me.
    Several hundred of my bees have decided to stand on my hive window. The past two months I've happily been watching them crawling all over the combs and now I'm looking at a bunch of bellies every day. I found the behavior called washboarding but they aren't licking (when I've looked anyway)....more like loitering! It's both workers and a few drones. They walk around some but that's it. This has happened since the really hot day when so many were bearding but never happened before that.
    Does this indicate overcrowding ?
    I've been thinking they'd swarm on me any day but conditions haven't been good(dearth and wind). Not as many have been flying since the hot day either. I decided to feed them again since they'd been stressed and they are taking it but not fast. They are still building comb on spaces I've made so everything else seems normal. I guess I better inspect for queen cups soon as I haven't gone all the way forward in over a month. HB
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